On-Demand IT

Attivotech is a Virtual In-House IT Department. We possess the resources and know-how to support any tech issue you may encounter.

Remote Managed Services

Utilizing state-of-the-art applications, we proactively maintain your network and systems 24 X 7. Live monitoring meets experience and knowledge.

Cloud Services

Secure and reliable anywhere-access to all of your most critical data. Safely and securely access data, communications and collaborate from anywhere online.

Disaster Recovery

Offering both advanced data and technology recovery services, plus redundant data storage. We've got your back; and your critical data backed up.

What We Do


Client Liaison

Attivotech is your trusted advisor. We find the right partners and solutions for any tech challenge or scenario you may face. Let us handle IT-related business on your behalf.


From initial concept and design to project completion, our resources are limitless.

Business Continuity

Hybrid solutions that seamlessly blend Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics CRM with on-premise server solutions for fluid continuity, and reliability. 

Website Development

Attivotech can help you create a well-structured, well-designed, and redefined online experience with stellar web presence.


Attivotech breaks from the weathered norm of a "one-size fits all" approach to IT services. We design customized solutions that fit your company's specific needs. We specialize in hybrid solutions to increase productivity and mitigate downtime.

The biggest challenge that any company faces is hiring and retaining a top notch team. Most companies won't brag that they've got the best people in the industry - but we will. Our engineers are top notch, personable, reliable, and highly-motivated to do whatever it takes to give you the best possible support experience ever.

Enabling small and mid-sized companies to focus on their business by leveraging innovative technology tailored to their unique business model.  We exist to help our clients be great at what they do.